Choosing The Right Commercial Event Tents

Tent On Grass

If you are going to be hosting a commercial event, you need to know about the tent options available. Choosing the right commercial event tents can be a difficult task because of all the options. However, there are certain points that you need to consider in regards to commercial event tents which will help make this task easier.

The Size Of The Tent

One of the most important points to consider when looking at tents is the number of guests you need to house in it. If you are going to have a large number of guests, you are going to need a large tent. You also need to consider other aspects of the event such as the number of tables needed or if there is going to be any open spaces in the tent for dancing or mingling.

The size of the tent will also depend on where your event is going to be held. If you already have a location, you need to walk through and measure the space available. There is no point in getting a large tent that will not fit into the space that you have for the event. When measuring the space you should allow for 8 feet around the tent particularly if you are considering a canopy tent.

The Surface Of The Location

A lot of people do not realize that the ground of the event location plays a role in which tent you can get. There are some tents which have stakes that need to be planted into the ground and this would be impossible if the location is paved. There are other tents which need to have a completely flat surface to stand on.

If you are going to hire an event tent which requires stakes in the ground, you need to ensure that the location allows for this. If you are renting the location for the event, you need to check with the owners because there are certain locations that do not allow for stakes to be placed into the ground. You will also need to be aware of underground piping to ensure that you do not disrupt them when setting up the tent.

Considering The Weather

The weather on the date of the event will also need to be considered when looking at commercial tents. If you are hosting the event during times of extreme weather, you are going to need covering on all sides of the tent. However, if your event is during calmer months, you could leave some of the sides off the tent.

While it is impossible to know what the weather will do on the day of the event, it is important to consider the role that weather will play in your tent choices. You should also consider what will happen if the weather turns during your event. Having a tent which can be modified on the day is ideal for most events because your guests will not be uncomfortable or threatened by the weather.