Employee Time Tracking Tools for Pay and Management

If you run a small business but have a few employees then you probably need some way of tracking their time and attendance. Employee time tracking software comes in a few different forms, and the tools you use will depend on whether you just want to track when people clock in and out, or whether you need more detailed task tracking as well.

A lot of freelance employees use time tracking tools to make it easier for them to bill their clients. There are other tools that are far better for companies to keep track of entire teams though, such as TimeTrex – a time clock and employee time tracking system that is designed to deal with multiple employees and that can link to other services for scheduling, vacations and project management as well as for payroll and expenses.

Many companies have employees that work the standard nine to five, and for those it is easy to keep track of attendance and hours. For flexible workers, shifts and rotas, and for things like contact centers where there is a need for staffing during peak times, but other times are quieter, it becomes harder to track the time that the employees are putting in.

One of the challenges with time tracking is that in bigger offices, especially if the boss is not around because they’re on the road a lot, employees might get their colleagues to clock in for them. Or, they will clock in then go out for a break, or go to the stock room and spend endless hours there. This is easy to do if you rely on punch cards or user log-ins or phone codes for your time tracking. Today, however, there are much more sophisticated options out there so you can get away with time tracking that makes far more sense.

One way to stop employee fraud is to use biometric trackers instead of simple codes and cards. You can get apps that have facial recognition tools, so for the employee to log in it has to be them physically present. Don’t worry about how reliable the facial recognition will be – modern software is very sophisticated, and can identify a person even if they are wearing glasses or a hat! The days of dodgy face tracking not recognizing someone because they’re having a bad hair day are long gone.

The lower friction the time tracking software is, the better it will be for employee morale. You do not want your employees to feel that they are being monitored to excess, or that you care more about ‘presentee-ism’ than you do about work performance. Try to make it as easy as possible for your employees to work with you, and they will reward you by offering the best possible work that they can, and by serving your customers with a smile. A good work environment will run better, make more money, and therefore allow you to look after your employees too.