Curious About Winter Dog Coats?

Winter Coat by Canada Pooch
Winter Coat by Canada Pooch

Winter dog coats can be surprisingly essential for dogs living in the lands of Canada. Even breeds that do fine without coats just south of the Canada/US border find that the Canadian winters are a bit too rough on them. Other dog owners simply prefer the comfort of knowing even a hardy dog is kept warm in the middle of winter. Some dogs just look better in winter dog coats, and others may simply wish to spoil their beloved companion and extra warmth in the middle of a freezing Canadian winter. This can absolutely be a good way to repay a dog’s companionship at a time when dark days and long nights make their company even more valuable.

Canada Pooch sells a wide range of high quality dog coats, not just for winter but for a number of seasons and weather conditions that all human and canine residents of the northern lands have to live with. The company builds its dog clothing on three major principles.

The first is that the clothing should be functional. A Canada Pooch dog coat is built from the ground up to be warm, comfortable and dry, even in the dreariest and coldest conditions of the northern lands. Their dog apparel is built with water resistant outer materials that can resist rain and snow with equal ease, as well as adjustable closures for the perfect fit on a dog and a leash for a leash, be it in a harness or collar.

The second is style. The company’s dog apparel is intended to be design focused. Indeed, every design for dog apparel that comes from the company is intended to look good as well as be practical. Acting as a sort of fashion house focused solely on four legged friends, Canada Pooch starts planning each season’s dog clothing releases a year ahead of time. Further, for those humans who love it when they and their dog get to make a statement together, the company bases its dog clothing on human fashion trends.

Finally, the company is focused on quality and craftsmanship. While this sounds good and tasteful, is it also an extremely practical matter; the coats and apparel from Canada Pooch are intended to be as tough and long lasting as top shelf human winter apparel.

There are two main types of winter coat available from the company. The first is their line of winter vests for dogs. These vests are quilted for warmth and have slits to allow a leash to fit through the vest, be it through a collar or harness. These vests are also equipped with two functional pockets so a dog can carry their own treats and bags. The other winter coat, intended for the most harsh regions of Canadian winters, is the company’s line of dog parkas. These parka vests are intended for the most freezing climes and feature a multiple pockets for bags and treats, as well as a hood that can be securely snapped into place with buttons and a dual Velcro closure system.