Reasons To Choose BWS Trailers

Trailer - BWS Manufacturing
Trailer – BWS Manufacturing

Are you looking for the most dependable trailers on the market? This can prove to be a difficult process, especially with the sheer number of manufacturers out there. But it’s important to look for a company that has the experience, knowledge and manpower necessary to create the best custom trailers. BWS Trailers should definitely be on top of your list. Their product line has been well-received by clients and dealers from different industries, a testament to the quality of their custom trailers.

Creating The Best Trailers For 5 Decades

Burney McDougall founded BWS Manufacturing in 1967. The company exclusively manufactured custom trailers for those working in the forestry sector. The competition was tough, but BWS managed to stand out. For this reason, their brand started to get the attention of clients from other industries.

BWS knew that certain industries were in desperate need for innovative solutions when it comes to custom trailers. They now manufacture trailers across a wide range of industries including agriculture, construction, road building, oil and gas, and nuclear transportation. This level of flexibility has solidified BWS Manufacturing as the leader in custom trailer creation.

In 1993, BWS was purchased by Randall McDougall, son of Burney McDougall. Randall was responsible for extending the product line of the company. Under his leadership, BWS started manufacturing BWS trailers for a multitude of different sectors. One of the most defining moments in the company’s history was the release of their Air Detachable Gooseneck trailer. This patented technology once again made clients, dealers and competitors look up to BWS as the most innovative company in the industry. At the time, it was the only trailer that used air power. This helped earn the trust of customers, further boosting the sales of the company.

Why BWS Trailers Are The Best?

What sets BWS apart from other manufacturers is their ability to deliver custom solutions based on the unique needs of their clients. They have proven this over the years, constantly coming up with new technology that has forever changed the process of manufacturing trailers. They also make sure that every single trailer in their product line is durable, satisfying the needs of their customers for several years.

It’s worthy to note that all their trailers are environmentally friendly. Compressed air is used for their tilting decks and ramps. Other manufacturers still heavily depend on hydraulics, which can be more time and resource-intensive.

Highly Qualified Workers

The company understands that they wouldn’t reach this level of success without their experienced and skilled workers. A great number of their employees have stayed with the company for several years. This ensures that they have thorough understanding of the manufacturing process and the evolution it has gone through the years.

Without questions, BWS trailers remain the standard when it comes to custom trailers. Backed by several decades of experience and a team of highly experienced professionals, clients can rest assured that they will receive the kind of service they need. To learn more, visit and see all the trailers in their product line.