How To Choose a Lawyer For Disabled People

Permanent Disability

If you need help starting or appealing your disability claim, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of hiring a lawyer to help you with your case. It can be even more challenging to know the factors you should consider before hiring an attorney. Statistics have shown that disabled people are more likely to be approved for their disability the first time if they have the right legal representation.

These are a few things that you will need to consider.

How Well Does The Attorney Understand Disability Law And The Social Security Process?

There are several types of specialty fields that lawyers can choose to work in, and disability law is one of them. This means that lawyers who do not practice this type of law may not be very familiar with updated social security and disability regulations.

For example, you would not hire a plastic surgeon to treat your back pain. The same rule applies when you hire an attorney. It is a good idea to consider hiring attorneys who are members of professional organizations like the NOSSCR (National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives). This will help you determine whether or not they are up to date on the latest changes in Social Security law.

Attorneys who do not work in this field may not be able to properly question you during the hearing and/or challenge the testimony of others.

Can You Afford An Attorney?

The good news is that you will not find a wide range of prices when you are looking to hire a disability lawyer and find the right one begins with going to The prices must stay fairly consistent because the fees have to be approved by the judge. Another interesting factor to consider is that attorney you hire will receive payment if you are awarded your disability benefits.

Typically, the fee is 25% of the benefits you are paid, also known as back pay. These are the benefits that would have been paid to you when you first applied. The maximum is generally around $6000. You will receive your entire social security disability payments after the back pay is received and the lawyer’s fees are deducted.

Where Is The Lawyer Located?

You may see commercials on television for lawyers that make all types of claims and promises. However, if you were to call some of these attorneys, you would discover they are located out of state.

These lawyers do not know the judges in your area, and they do not know the medical experts and vocational experts that generally testify at these types of hearings. It is also common for these lawyers to not meet their clients until the day of the hearing. You should be very careful if you choose to hire a lawyer who does not have an office in your town.

It is always a good idea to seek legal counsel during the application process and during any appeals. However, if you are going to appeal all the way to the Appeals Council, you will definitely need an experienced lawyer by your side.