What To Expect When Hiring A Labor Lawyer

If you need to hire a labor lawyer it is best to know what to expect from the process. There are certain things that you should do when hiring a lawyer and some things that you should avoid doing. By understanding what to expect you can avoid making any mistakes which could cause tension in the relationship you have with the lawyer.

Be Realistic About Your Settlement Figure

One of the mistakes that many people make is to overestimate what their settlement is going to be. Personal injury and medical malpractice cases will result in a large settlement, but you are not going to find this with employment cases. There are very few labor law cases where large amounts are offered as a settlement and many labor laws actually cap the settlement that can be offered. You should talk to your lawyer about what they think a realistic figure is or find out what the laws allow.

Know That The Case Could Go To Trial

Many people believe that their employer or past employer would rather settle the case then let it go to trial. This is not always the case and many companies are less likely to settle when there is a lot of publicity around the case. You should also know that your lawyer will not be able to use potential publicity as a bargaining tool in the negotiation because this is considered to be extortion and is illegal.

Do Not Try Negotiating The Fee

When you initially contact a labor lawyer they will tell you about the fee they charge. There is no chance that the lawyer will charge this fee when you ask them during a consultation. All labor lawyers will charge a fee and they will generally be hourly because a no win no fee scheme will not cover their costs. If you are willing to pay the fee you could ask them about whether they offer a payment plan or how long the feel they will be working on the case.

The Case Will Take Months

A lot of people do not realize how long a labor dispute case can take to reach a conclusion. This is partially due to movies showing these cases as being quick. It is likely that your case could take months to be resolved, but you should ask your potential lawyer about this when you first see them. The complexity of your case could increase the amount of time that is needed to reach an amicable conclusion.

Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Hiding information from your lawyer is only going to harm your case and you need to be honest at all times. Other tips cane found on pastoorlaw.com. This does not mean that you should over share because there are certain things that your lawyer does not need to do. However, you should be honest about anything that could impact your case because you do not want your lawyer to be blindsided by anything when it comes to negotiations.

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