Get Into The Mediterannean State Of Mind – At Italian Restaurants Coral Gables

If you love good food then head to one of America’s favorite playgrounds – Miami. It is here where fresh seafood forms that foundation of a great culinary experience. However, there is more to Miami than fresh caught produce straight from the sea – there is also the proud tradition of Italian cuisine in the State.

One of the places that you can really see this Mediterranean cuisine shine is in Coral Gables. This is a destination that holds more than what is immediately apparent on the surface. Visitors might be entranced by the wonderful natural surroundings and the views over the water, but this city was established in 1925 – and it has Italian culinary roots that stretch back to those times.

So if you want to experience great food from the coat of the Med (and further inland)the investigate the offerings of Italian restaurants Coral Gables style.

Here are some of the best on offer.

1. Caffe Abbracci.

This is a dining destination that simply transports one back in time. It is a piece of the Mediterranean transported onto the American mainland. This is a dining destination that has stood the test of time. Opened in 1989 it is an experience to be savored. The low ceilings and chandeliers make it the perfect place to spend an evening indulging in the company of others and fine cuisine. Go for the simplicity of the beef carpaccio or indulge in the fettuccine bolognese.

2. Randazzo’s Little Italy.

Enormous portions and great value for money make this one of Coral Gable’s best-loved Italian restaurants. Kids will love their classic pizza offerings – while adults will want to explore offerings such as the exceptional ravioli offerings and the pork chop whi8hc is an adventure in taste. The meatballs get consistently great reviews. This is a dining destination that even those who grew up with Italian food would not believe is lacking. Great ambiance and that elusive ‘welcome home’ atmosphere that is thanks to a great management and service team – with an ex-boxer owner who is a great storyteller.

3. Fratellino.

This is an Italian restaurant that has built its reputation on both incredible food and exceptional service. The Executive Chef Massimo Giannattasio was named “Best Chef in Miami” and has been servicing the culinary needs of some of the most demanding of gourmands – and the menu shows this. Combine the warm and welcoming ambiance of this dining destination with menu items such as the ‘Orecchiette’ which features spicy Italian sausage with parmigiano and you have the perfect recipe for a treat night out.

4. Pummarola.

No list of Italian recommendations would be complete without referring to the Gorilla in the sandpit – Pizza. Pummarola is a restaurant that shines with a greasy and authentic take on this American favorite. Try the simple Margherita Pizza – it sings of flavor.

If you are in Miami and sit down and enjoy life – by indulging yourself – at one of the great Italian restaurants Coral Gables style.